We believe that having great hair should be simple, easy and fun – no matter who you are. Great Hair extensions are the style accessory hidden in every closet – but are always kept under wraps. They pad your hair out, they add volume, they create the glossy lengths of your dreams. Our 100% human hair extensions accessorie your look and give you killer confidence on tap.

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label.m Heat Protection Mist 150ml

Rs. 4,250

label.m Extra Strong Mousse 200ML

Rs. 3,500

label.m Colour Stay Shampoo 300ML

Rs. 3,000

label.m Treatment Shampoo 300ML

Rs. 2,800

label.m Intensive Repair Shampoo 300ML

Rs. 3,500

label.m Intensive Repair Conditioner 300ML

Rs. 3,900

label.m Honey & Oat Conditioner 300ML

Rs. 3,900

label.m Colour Stay Conditioner 300ML

Rs. 3,700

label.m Moisturising Conditioner 300ML

Rs. 3,500

label.m Daily Shine Conditioner 300ML

Rs. 3,300

label.m Intensive Mask 120ML

Rs. 3,600

label.m Honey & Oat Treatment Mask 120ML

Rs. 3,800

label.m Sea Salt Spray 200ML

Rs. 3,550

label.m Blow Out Spray 200ML

Rs. 3,400

label.m Protein Spray 250ML

Rs. 3,550

label.m Gel 150ML

Rs. 3,300

label.m Smoothing Cream 150ML

Rs. 3,450

label.m Sleek Blow Out Cream 150ML

Rs. 3,450

label.m Soft Wax 100ML

Rs. 3,100

label.m Brunette Resurrection Style Dust 3.5g

Rs. 3,400

label.m Shine Mist 200ML

Rs. 3,400

label.m Brunette Dry Shampoo 200ML

Rs. 3,200

label.m Brunette Texturising Volume Spray 200ML

Rs. 3,200

label.m Hold & Gloss Spray 200ML

Rs. 3,150

label.m Diamond Dust Shampoo 250ML

Rs. 4,800

label.m Diamond Dust Conditioner 200ML

Rs. 5,300

label.m Diamond Dust Leave-In Conditioner 150ML

Rs. 4,750